"Once we accept our limits. We go beyond them" A. Einstein
At Gizmi we help you build and maintain a personal relationship with each and every student. Your students have different needs, require different approaches to succeed, and vary in their learning abilities. Think how great it would be to mentor your clients on a personal level, by sending tailored content and messaging in between sessions, help motivate them and ensure they are always on track. It’s time to strengthen your tutor-student relationships by being where your students are, in their messaging apps.
How Tutors can use Gizmi to increase revenues
Deliver additional value outside personal sessions
Keep your students engaged by providing exercises to review between sessions, or schedule messages to boost your students’ moral before an exam, and all directly into their messenger.
Reach your digital audiences
Stay relevant in our dynamic, digital era by providing immediate feedback or offering daily tips all within one easy messaging tool that integrates seamlessly with your Facebook business page.
Create an efficient working environment
Save yourself time and deliver more value. Prepare easy-access message templates for between-session exercises, ready-made answers, pop-quizzes & recordings or reminders, and deliver them right on time.
Build service plans and develop recurring revenues
Build tailored service plans to suit your business offering. Whether one-off or monthly, it’s a super easy way to forecast & manage your monthly income and develop recurring revenue.
Stop chasing payments
Now you can forget about chasing payments. Bill through Gizmi and we’ll ensure that your payments are collected and send automatic receipts to your students’ Messenger.
30-daysFree Version Trial
30 daysMoney Back Guarantee
24/7Personal Support

Being there for my students makes all the difference

It is the little things that matter. Most of my students hate emails and they prefer to communicate with me

on Messenger. With Gizmi i am now able to quickly answer their questions out side of our F2F meetings and they love it.

I can now schedule simple good luck messages to each of my students before their exams or any other important event they might have. This personal touch really means the world to them, I have prepared a list of detailed answers to the most common problems and i am able to schedule and send it to all the students that had similar difficulties. I am now using Gizmi Auto reminder templates to make sure my students do not miss their sessions.

Some of my students now decided to skip the F2F meetings and prefer to chat with me via Messenger. Thanks to Gizmi i can be on top of my game.

Success means engaging your customers in long-term relationships
With Gizmi your customers will feel that their needs are not only met, but also anticipated. The content and service they receive will be personalized, which will help you build stronger relationships and higher satisfaction which in return improves your bottom line.