Fast track your personal training business
With Gizmi, you can be the professional clients are looking for today. The one that offers them added-value, anytime, anywhere. Strengthen your personal business-client relationship by motivating them in between training sessions, and send tips or workout plans directly to their messenger. Now, you can use one platform to manage your business, send content and log your clients’ activity and progress with minimal effort.
How Personal trainers can use Gizmi to increase revenues
Keep your clients motivated and updated
Inspire your clients in between 1-1 workout sessions. Send motivational clips, daily workouts or dietary schedules, and make sure your clients are on track towards meeting their goals.
Stay connected and personal
Strengthen relationships with your clients. Messaging interactions can help you enhance and improve the services you offer.
Recurring Revenues
Each client can get their own special plan. Create your own service plans including one-off services, bill once a month, and forget about chasing payments.
Reduce no show
Schedule messages to remind your clients of booked appointments.
Grow your audience
Why limit yourself to in-person 1-1 sessions or a certain region? Break free and expand your business by providing tailor made workouts to remote customers anywhere across the globe, using messaging service plans
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30 daysMoney Back Guarantee
24/7Personal Support
Power to the Trainers

The stronger the relationship the stronger the motivation

Working with Gizmi allows me be so much more efficient. I am able to serve new remote customers while providing my current trainees a much closer and personalized service.

I am now keeping close contact with my trainees out side of our face 2 face meeting. Sending them daily 3 min workouts in addition to meal plans and other healthy tips. The feedback that i received worth the time and effort.

The personal touch that i am able to provide to each and every one of my trainees gets is unmatched to anything i could do before i started using Gizmi. Love it!

Dean S.

Success means engaging your customers in long-term relationships
With Gizmi your customers will feel that their needs are not only met, but also anticipated. The content and service they receive will be personalized, which will help you build stronger relationships and higher satisfaction which in return improves your bottom line.