"Our bodies are our gardens our wills are our gardeners" W.Shakespeare
Your clients have different needs, require different approaches to succeed, and vary in their dietary requirements. Think how great it would be to mentor to your clients by sending personalized content and messaging in between sessions to help motivate them and keep them on track. Automate your work and manage your business efficiently, all on one easy-to-use platform. Create your own service plans to offer tailored diet plans or professional content, to increase your revenues. With Gizmi’s billing tool you can send automated billing and receipts directly to your clients’ messenger.
How Dietitians can use Gizmi to increase revenues
Reach your digital audiences
Stay relevant in our dynamic, digital era by providing immediate feedback or offering daily tips all within one easy business tool that integrates seamlessly with your Facebook business page.
Build service plans and develop recurring revenues
Launch your own unique service plans, develop recurring revenue and forget about chasing payments. Now, you can boost business and forecast your monthly income all in a few easy steps.
Serve remote audiences
Why limit yourself to in-person 1-1 sessions or a certain region? Break free and expand your business by providing added-value professional content to clients anywhere across the globe.
Recurring revenues
Launch your own subscription and forget about chasing payments.
Serve remote audience
With text-based information sharing, digital audiences can obtain and share information faster
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30 daysMoney Back Guarantee
24/7Personal Support
Great results. Peak Motivation

Building the personal relationships is key to increased motivation

Being there for my clients is the most important thing. The process they go through is not easy, and the fact that we communicate on a daily basis helps them achieve their goals. I am able to send my customers daily personal tips for healthy nutrition tips and how to integrate it to the daily routines.

I am now scheduling all the meal plans a week in advance which allows me to focus on providing the right mental support and on the spot guidance.

Simple words like “Well done”, “Bravo”, “Great”, “Wow” actually work wonders with my clients so i use Gizmi to pat them on their back almost on daily basis.

Gizmi helps me anticipate my customer needs and help them strengthen the self control aspect by being reachable via messaging almost all the time.

S. Kagan

Success means engaging your customers in long-term relationships
With Gizmi your customers will feel that their needs are not only met, but also anticipated. The content and service they receive will be personalized, which will help you build stronger relationships and higher satisfaction which in return improves your bottom line.