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$ 12.99
per month plus 5% from payments
  • for foundations that want to individually create donations
  • managing collections on your own
  • basic support

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$ 49,99
per month plus 5% from payments
  • all fundraising tools
  • unlimited donation collections
  • fundraising preparation
  • we manage fundraisers for you
  • we create graphic and text materials
  • QR codes for payments
  • dedicated domain for fundraising

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Gizmi is an innovative, quick-payment platform that turns any fundraiser into a single link that can be published anywhere on the Internet. After clicking on the link, the donor makes a donation within seconds - without external websites, easily, quickly and efficiently.

Start Active Enterprise
Fundraising tools
Fundraising on facebook, Instagram, YouTube and webpage
Dedicated page with all your collections
Unlimited number of fundraisers
Recurring donation payments
Custom fundraising message templates
Custom templates for thank you messages
Automatic donation confirmations in the Messenger window
Donation collection at the wedonate.to domain -
Creating QR codes to accept payments -
Preparing graphic materials for fundraising campaigns
Preparing text materials for fundraising campaigns
Conducting and managing donation collections
Transaction handling
Payment in Messenger App
Pay by credit/debit card
Pay by Play Google
Pay by Apple Pay
Returns & disputes
Communication tools
Instant publishing
Message templates
Delivery planning
Personalized autoresponder
Basic support
Dedicated consulting service
Collection reports
Accounting reports
Monthly subscription
USD 12.99 USD 49.99 individual
Commision on collected donations
5% 5% individual
Transaction fee
USD 0.25 + 1.4% USD 0.25 + 1.4% individual
Payment withdrawal USD 0 USD 0 USD 0
Preparing facebook campaign
USD 200 USD 120 individual