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9,99 USD per month plus 8% from sales
  • list one product
  • up to 100 messages

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49.99 USD per month plus 5% from sales
  • sell up to 100 products
  • unlimited conversations
  • payment in chat window
  • Your own store
  • delivery planning

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Gizmi is a chat-commerce platform that can turn any popular messaging app into a marketplace. Gizmi brings all your fans from multiple sites together and transforms your content into a marketable commodity that users can access through their preferred messaging app. Choose your plan and start selling with Gizmi.

Start Active Enterprise
Sales channels
Facebook Messenger
SMS Notifications (pay as you use)
Sales tools
Number of conversations per month
up to 100 no limit no limit
Online store with your branding
Sharing a direct purchase link
Number of products for sale 1 product 100 products no limit
Number of followers no limit no limit no limit
Group shipping
Subscription-based sales
Transaction handling
Pay by credit/debit card
Pay by Play Google
Pay in chat window
Pay by Apple Pay
Communication tools
Immediate delivery
Delivery planning
Personalized autoresponder
Basic support
Dedicated consulting service
Basic graphic reports
Advanced reports (.csv)
Reports on request (pay as you use)
Monthly subscription
9,99 USD 49,99 USD individual
Sales commission
8% 5% individual
Transaction fee
0.25 USD + 1,4% 0.25 USD + 1,4% individual
Payment withdrawal 0 USD 0 PLN 0 USD
Order report (pay as you use)
15,00 USD 15,00 USD individual

The number of products for sale is the number of products posted each month, regardless of the number of sales. The correct tax must be applied to the quoted rates, depending on the seller’s residence for tax purposes.