Organizing fundraising ideas – how can modern technology like Gizmi help you make fundraising faster and more efficient?

New fundraising ideas are constantly appearing on the Internet, to nobody’s surprise. But did you know you can use specific tools to make online fundraising even more effective? Find out how the Gizmi platform works and how it can aid you to help others!

What is the most important aspect of charity work? The priority is time. It’s often necessary to react fast in order to effectively help those in need. The world is certainly not lacking in volunteers. It’s important to keep things simple and not overcomplicate fundraising procedures. The simpler, the better – that should be the essence of all charities and fundraising ideas. Find out how to organize a fundraiser, using the intuitive platform Gizmi!

How to organize your fundraising ideas

Events of a scale such as the war in Ukraine show just how important it is to help others – both through the actions of non-governmental organizations and common people. The society’s spontaneous will to help those in need is clearly visible. You can see it in how much support is given to charities providing financial and material help. You can do your bit by volunteering or donating – not just in large and renowned organizations such as the American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, Amnesty International or Doctors Without Borders, but also smaller, local charities.

Many relief campaigns are being set up spontaneously (and there’s nothing wrong with that!), but in the case of organizing fundraising ideas, it’s impossible to operate without a plan. Such assistance must be under the terms of the Public Collections Act. According to these conditions, the non-governmental organizations entitled to set up fundraisers are:

  • foundations;
  • charities;
  • sports clubs;
  • trade unions;
  • employers’ organizations;
  • social cooperatives;
  • church and denominational organizations;
  • social committees established to conduct public collections.

Online fundraising ideas and modern fundraising technology

How many times have you seen volunteers collecting money in collection boxes, in the last couple of months? Probably little or none. Online fundraising is currently a much more popular form of relief. First of all, it’s easier to organize logistically. The money can be collected non-stop, and it’s also much more convenient for donors (they can easily check to see exactly which organization is behind the action).

Fundraising for charity is an absolute necessity for community organizations. The Fundraising Effectiveness Project collaborates with researchers, analysts and data providers in order to track and monitor trends in giving. Data shows that 2021 was the 6th consecutive year of a worldwide growth in giving charitable donations. 2020 proved to be America’s record, with a total of $471 billion donated to charity by US citizens.

Fundraising, especially in its online form, has to be more and more organized, efficient and quick to respond. Nonprofits must learn to adapt their strategies to shifting demographic preferences, changing times, a more dynamic spread of information and growing competition in the NGO sector. This means that fundraising ideas can’t be random or spontaneous. More frequently, organizations are creating special management positions and are looking for effective tools, enabling an easier acquisition of funds.

Online fundraising ideas – a new perspective on fundraising technology

This means that modern technology isn’t just connected to business. It also sifts through to the world of NGOs. You can currently find helpful aid in your relief mission in the form of:

  • various types of communicators;
  • scheduling and project management tools;
  • quick and secure online payment methods.

However, when it comes to supporting NGOs with new technology, the possibilities don’t end there. The aid of the IT industry in developing new fundraising technology is priceless, which is especially visible now. A great example is the #TechforUkraine initiative.

#TechforUkraine as an example of how to organize a fundraiser with technology

This action was set up barely a couple of days after the start of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Tech to the Rescue connects hundreds of companies and freelancers, all at the ready to help NGOs in their mission to support Ukrainian citizens. Their first common project was UASOS.org – a platform operating similarly to AirBnB, making it easier to find accommodation for Ukrainian refugees in Europe. Many other projects are also being developed.

Other examples of technological fundraising ideas

Before we delve deeper into the modern way of fundraising for charity, let’s first discuss other relief initiatives. #TechforUkraine isn’t the only example of providing aid to NGOs using new technology solutions. Another honorable mention is TechSoup. It’s a non-profit foundation with a global reach which works with over one million organizations. Its mission is to support the NGO sector not only technologically, but also financially. TechSoup works to provide information, tools and technology to those who are in need of them. TechSoup business partners prepared a special offer for utilities, directed towards organizations actively helping Ukrainian citizens. This includes new solutions for cybersecurity, education, communication and other sectors.

One of the fundraising tools recommended by the TechSoup foundation is Gizmi. Explore the vast world of possible fundraising ideas which can come to life thanks to this platform!

How to use Gizmi to create a charity fundraiser?

The Gizmi platform was initially created with influencers and Internet creators in mind, to help them easily monetize their work. But it didn’t take long to realize that it can be used for many other sectors. Gizmi is the perfect solution everywhere where you might need a tool for executing fast payment without the need to install new software or connect to advanced online banking platforms.

Public fundraising is the perfect example of such usage. Many smaller non-profit organizations lack the time, money and capabilities to implement advanced solutions, such as a whole new website dedicated to online fundraising. Refugees and people remaining in Ukraine cannot wait – time is of the essence!

The power of social media opens up new possibilities for foundations – not only regarding action promotion, but also conducting the fundraiser itself. This is called social fundraising. Facebook fundraisers are a great example. The problem is that the collected funds are often transferred to the foundation with a delay of up to several dozen days! There is also practically no accounting information to go with it. This means that many foundations are looking for more effective ways to integrate social fundraising tools. A solution to this problem is Gizmi.

How does Gizmi make the fundraising process more convenient and efficient? The platform enables such options as:

  • an instant payment process without leaving Facebook or other fundraising social profiles and sites – directly from the post informing about the action;
  • payment in the form of an engaging conversation on Messenger;
  •  issuing a thank you message to the donor after a donation is made;
  • sending the donor a message with a link to the payment, along with a text asking them to forward the action to their contacts;
  • collecting contact data of donors and creating a database of people who can be informed about upcoming fundraisers;
  • engaging donors in new fundraisers via a Messenger chat, including a direct link to instant donation;
  • creating a scannable QR code, which immediately takes you to the donation chat in Messenger – this way you can spread information about the fundraiser offline (on billboards, leaflets, collection boxes);
  • adjusting payments to mobile devices – this is important, since about 70% of Internet users browse websites on their phones;
  • access to full accounting data, along with donation reports;
  • registering donations on the foundation’s account in real time, without delays.

Bringing your fundraising ideas to life has never been this easy!

When Gizmi is used by NGOs it works in a similar way to influencers monetizing their business online – it’s exactly the same platform.

  1. Gizmi generates a link which can be placed anywhere: in social media, on a website and any kind of platform, or in the form of a QR code.
  2. Every user who clicks on the link will be transported to a Messenger window, where they can immediately donate money using their preferred method: an online transfer, via a payment card or through Google Pay.
  3. The user doesn’t have to log in to their bank, open a new account on the foundation’s website or perform any other actions. Everything happens in the same place – the Messenger chat!

Most of the popular fundraising platforms are made for one thing only, which is making donations. They do not collect data about the donors, which means that contacting them in the future is very difficult. Non-profit organizations which have been working for some time know how important it is to create long-lasting bonds with their donors. That way they can count on their regular help, not just singular donations. This allows organizations to work non-stop and send relief where it is most needed.

This is what sets Gizmi apart from other solutions. Its possibilities leave much room for creativity. Gizmi allows you to send personalized messages to people who supported your public fundraiser. What can these messages include? A great idea can be to record a video saying a few kind words, or a personalized certificate containing a thank-you note. It’s actions like these that set your organization apart from other anonymous NGOs and give more of a “human” face. This sparks positive connotations and trust amongst your donors. Those who help are also able to feel more content about their actions and feel noticed.

Gizmi – choose a fast and efficient online fundraising method

If you want your fundraising ideas to successfully come to life, make sure that you’re creating real solutions to current problems. You don’t have to waste your time looking for fast and comfortable ways to get funds – pick a ready-to-use, tested solution. Don’t worry about how to organize a fundraiser. Use Gizmi to make it easier for your donors to donate, and for you to reach more people with information about your action!

15 April 2022

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