With Gizmi, selling has never been easier!

Get free trial account

Sign up in few easy steps and start with a 30-day free trial account without a subscription. Discover the possibilities of chat-commerce with Gizmi.

Connect your Gizmi account with your messaging app

Connect with your Facebook Page and turn Messenger into an online marketplace for your followers.

Add your products and start selling

E-commerce has never been easier. All you need to do is add an enticing description of your product or service, images, a price and choose payment option: credit/debit card, Apple Pay, Pay Google.

Adapt the store to the goods you're selling.

For more than one product or service, you can create your own store to fill with merchandises.

Send invites and sell right away

Send a prepared sales offer to your followers and let them buy from you in their favorite messaging app. The purchase will come in any form: link or file.

Have loyal followers? Start selling to them! Gizmi is a chat-commerce platform that lets you create your own online store using the most common messaging apps.

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