How to make money on YT? Learn effective ways to monetize your YouTube efforts!

How to make money on YT? Learn effective ways to monetize your YouTube efforts!

Creating your own content and posting it on YouTube has stopped being treated as just a hobby. It’s now a great, lucrative business that almost anyone can try their hand at! No wonder so many people are wondering how to become a youtuber (link to article no. 1 ), and how to earn money on YouTube. What do you get your income from? How to monetize your work on YouTube? You can find out in our article!

How to make good money on YouTube? What does it depend on?

Running your own channel on YouTube opens up the possibility of making a lot of money. However, you must remember that the amount of income depends on many factors. People who produce content in English are in the best situation. However, this does not mean that making money on YouTube in Poland is unprofitable. Many youtubers prove it, including the recently popular “Ekipa”.

How to make money on YT – views are not everything!

The language of your content is one thing. Reaching as many viewers as possible is another. Views generate revenue, which can be based on various funding models. However, it is always about gaining a group of loyal (very important!) fans. In addition, the content itself matters. You can gain a lot of views on fooling around and pranks, but it’s harder to establish cooperation with serious companies and thus earn good money on YT. Substantive content, on the other hand, usually engages a smaller audience (which is a pity), but it attracts valuable business partners.

How do you make money on YT? Methods that really work!

Below we list the most profitable ways to make money on YouTube. We will discuss them in detail later in the article. So, how to make money on YT? Sources of income for youtubers are:

  • selling digital products
  • AdSense advertising campaigns
  • crowdfunding campaigns
  • affiliate programs
  • partnerships with brands
  • superchat
  • YouTube Premium

What requirements do you need to meet to start making money on YouTube? Keep reading to find out!

Making money on YT by selling digital products

You might be wondering how to turn your digital content into a full-fledged commodity that you can sell? We would like to give you a hint! All it takes is a little creativity and an idea to package your content into a micro content product. We’re talking about music, an e-book, 

a tutorial, a nutrition plan, a workout plan, a training course, a live broadcast, templates, forms or illustrations. 

Why will simplicity of transactions bring you more money from YouTube?

How to make money on YT from your digital content? It is important to effectively encourage your audience to actually make a purchase. It’s not just about persuading them to take advantage of your offer, it’s about choosing the right tools to facilitate the transaction. In many online stores (perhaps also in your store) the purchase path from selection to paying for the product in the shopping cart is multi-staged and complicated. The more steps you have to go through, the higher the chance of… abandoning the cart. The problem is solved by our platform.

How to make money on YouTube with Gizmi?

Gizmi is a tool that completes a buy-sell transaction in the window of the world’s most popular messenger – Messenger. Selling digital products has never been so easy! But that’s not everything – in the future you will also be able to make purchases through WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal! This is still not the end! Soon, Gizmi will also enable the sale of physical products and their shipment, so the potential of this solution will be available to everyone, regardless of industry!

How much do you make on YT through AdSense?

Earning on Youtube with AdSense is associated with the number of views, but not only. 

It is assumed that for 1 million views you can get from 2 to 4 thousand PLN. The range is not rigid, because it largely depends on the region and the content. So what is the AdSense campaign all about?

How to make more money on YT with AdSense?

The idea is to display ads from different brands and companies before your YouTube video. Of course, not every advertiser will want to showcase their product before your video. It all depends on the topic you are talking about. It’s in no way saying that if your videos are mainly the entertaining ones, then earning money on YouTube with AdSense will be less profitable. But certainly different brands will approach you with the proposal of cooperation compared to youtubers who create expert content on finance, automotive or psychology. 

How much can you earn on YT using crowdfunding campaigns?

How much you can earn on Youtube using this method depends on many factors, one of which is the crowdfunding platform you choose. It is also important whether you decide to make a one-time investment or monthly contributions. Wondering why strangers would eagerly donate their funds to you? The key is creativity, ideas and… marketing.

How to make money on YT using crowdfunding? If you present your product or service idea properly, you can make people you don’t even know invest in it. 

But you need to have some convincing arguments up your sleeve:

  • build tension and intrigue with your project
  • engage your viewers and offer them premium products for their monetary contributions (additional information, gifts or early access)

 This is how you can get money from YouTube and bring your unique idea to life!

How to make money on YouTube with affiliate programs?

There are plenty of affiliate campaigns you can participate in as a youtuber. You can promote a product or service by recommending it, giving a discount code for it, or by publishing a widget or infographic. What does it look like in practice?

How do you make money on YT? Make sure your affiliate program is consistent with your content!

In order to make “money from YouTube”, as some say, an affiliate program has to be as consistent as possible with the topic and form of the materials published on your channel. An example is one of the most influential channels on FIFA, Kartomania (over 370 thousand subscribers). What affiliate programs do its founders use? These include the promotion of Fifa Points, gaming accessories or electronic equipment. Automotive channels, such as Povagowani (239 thousand subscribers) or Miłośnicy czterech kółek – zrób to sam (1.33 million subscribers), engage in the promotion of insurance calculators, stores with equipment and even specific auto repair shops.

How to make money on YouTube by partnering with brands?

Making money on YouTube by partnering with brands is one of the best and most challenging ways to make money on YouTube.  Well-known and respected companies work with youtubers who already have a large number of subscribers and whose content stands out from the competition. When signing a contract with a brand, the creator usually includes the brand’s product in his content. The logo of the promoted product or service is usually prominently displayed, so viewers are aware of the fact that the youtuber has partnered with a specific brand. And there is nothing wrong with that. However, it is important to keep it in balance and not promote everything.

How to make money on YT, promoting a brand but not discouraging viewers?

There are many examples of this type of marketing on YT. One of them is Abstrachuje TV channel. In their films, the creators promoted such brands as PLAY and Gillette. Martin Stankiewicz very often includes Coca-Cola drinks in his films. Why is this form of cooperation attractive for the creator? The primary reason is how much money can be earned on YouTube this way.

YouTube money vs. superchat and superstickers

Superchat and supersticks are a method of monetizing YouTube traffic. For many people this sounds completely foreign, but we’re already rushing with an explanation. Well, both of these forms of monetization on YouTube are closely related to live broadcasts and streaming. During the broadcast, your fans can post comments in the chat room. Those who want their message to be visible at the top of the list (which of course will attract your and others’ attention) have to pay for it. The amount of time such a comment is visible at the very top is directly proportional to the fee. Superstickers work on the exact same basis.

YouTube money through live streaming

While it might seem like an irrational idea to charge a fee to be seen for commentary, it really works. Viewers are willing to sacrifice a lot to be seen, at least for a moment. This makes online broadcasts even more popular because of the opportunity to appear in a forum full of viewers.

How to make money with YouTube Premium?

This is one of the new features that you can use as a content creator. Most of the monetization options on YouTube have to do with the number of views. And how to make money on YT with premium accounts? This is where subscriptions to your channel count. YouTube money comes from a paid account that does not display ads. Currently, users can use YouTube Premium and YouTube Premium Music. A percentage of the money generated goes to you – the amount depends on the number of your subscriptions.

How much do you earn on YouTube and is this earning level satisfactory?

As you can see, the answers to the question are really many. Making big money on YouTube is possible. However, as it usually happens, it requires a lot of work, effort and time. You should also use modern solutions, such as the Gizmi platform, which makes it easy to monetize digital content on YouTube. So don’t wait for your competitors to take this step before you do and turn your subscribers into paying customers today! Start making money on YouTube in a simpler and faster way!

23 January 2022

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