How to get followers on Instagram? 8 best methods!

For an influencer, followers are most important. They are the main factor that determines how successful you will be and how much you will earn on Instagram. Getting followers is not easy, although there are few tricks to help with that. Which of them is the best? Find out!

Followers on Instagram 

You may be just starting your social media adventure and wondering what followers on Instagram are. Before we go into how to get followers on Instagram, we will answer this basic question. Followers on Insta are people who observe a profile, interact with an influencer, comment on their photos and videos, and are also potential customers. 

Who are the “followers” and who do they follow?

People generally like to peep into the lives of famous people. There’ s the reason why gossip sites are thriving. In the past, popularity was gained mainly through television, but today it is mainly thanks to the Internet. Social media enables you to follow profiles of famous people from the world of film, music or celebrities. So if you want to be up to date with the content shared by influencers and celebrities – you must be active on social media!

How to get followers on Instagram – why CAN’T you buy them?

Everyone who has a profile on Instagram wants a lot of followers. It’s a sign that your profile is recognised, interesting and that it’s worth a follow. Having a large number of followers is also a great opportunity to make money on Instagram. Therefore, some people, tempted by the vision of big money, take shortcuts and buy followers. Why is this method controversial and you should avoid it? First of all, you are cheating yourself, your loyal fans and companies that may be potentially interested in cooperation.

Buying followers gives you “big numbers”, but not much profit 

Getting followers on Instagram in such a dishonest way has a number of consequences. Fake accounts are easy to expose and thus you risk being made fun of. In addition, business partners know exactly who they want to work with and often beyond the sheer number of followers they care about the engaged community centered around the profile. Let’s be clear – bought followers do not write valuable comments, do not maintain reliable and long-term relationships. They are just empty numbers. 

Then, how to quickly gain followers on Instagram? Read on and find out that it’s possible!

How to get followers on Instagram?

The road from the first follower to a thousand can be long and tiring. But don’t give up. Remember that beginnings are always hard, but it’s only downhill from there. To speed up the process of getting more followers on Insta, use the following methods that have been proven to work by other influencers. 

How to get followers on Instagram – post content regularly!

Have you already set up your profile on Instagram? Perfect. Pretty soon you’ll notice (or already see) that content needs to appear here regularly. Of course, much depends on what industry you represent and what type of content you publish. Without a doubt frequent posting of photos and videos builds a connection, strengthens credibility, and expands your circle of followers. This builds trust and shows that you care about the people who choose to follow you on Insta. You give your followers what they want, which is a piece of yourself and a snippet of your life. 

Do bots help you gain followers on Instagram?

When answering the question of how to get followers on Instagram, it’s impossible not to mention bots. They are basically software that can perform some simple actions for you on Instagram. You can use bots to automatically publish posts. You’ll quickly find that this is a helpful tool that saves you a lot of time, which you can spend trying to come up with more ideas on how to get followers on Instagram!

How to get more followers on Instagram – focus on quantity and quality!

Quantity and quality need to go hand in hand if you want to gain a bunch of loyal, faithful and engaged followers on Instagram, as well as monetize your efforts. Instagram is all about images. Or more specifically – millions of images. Every influencer wants their content to attract attention and stand out from the competition. To increase your chances, publish a lot, preferably every day.

How to gain followers on Instagram – quality is the key! 

Do not let the quantity decrease the quality. Make sure that the content is valuable and carries a message. Do not forget about the aesthetics and technical aspects of the photos and videos you post. 240p quality is long gone, but that doesn’t mean you have to invest in studio equipment – a good smartphone is enough. If you’re lacking knowledge in this area, it is necessary to read, learn or take a course. It’s the only way to gain more followers on Instagram.

How to gain followers on Instagram – find the right niche!

We started our article by emphasizing that gaining followers on Instagram takes time and effort. We stressed that it involves the need to regularly publish quality content. You probably already know that your engagement translates into the number of followers you have. Feeling comfortable in your specific area is very important! Never run a profile about subjects you don’t like, or simply don’t know about.

How do you gain followers on Instagram? Passion and authenticity is the right way!

You won’t build trust and gain loyal followers on Insta on falsehood and lies. Your followers will quickly spot your ignorance and superficial approach to the topics you claim to be an expert in. Do what you love, even if it’s a niche area and you’re afraid it won’t bring you profits. A profile dedicated to a narrow topic may guarantee you the possibility of more profitable partnerships. It may also make you stand out from numerous competitors representing such industries as health, beauty, sports or gaming.

How to turn followers into paying customers?

Have you managed to gather a bunch of followers on your profile? Great! It’s high time to start monetizing your efforts. How to do it? First, turn your content into a digital product that you can sell. You have a lot of options to choose from. You can create for example:

  • guidebook
  • tutorial
  • e-book

Imagination is your only limit! 

How to sell your digital products to followers?

Your next step is to start selling. Do you have to set up an online store and pay for domain maintenance? No! With tools like Gizmi, you can sell through social media using a single link! Learn how chat-commerce works sign up and create an account on our platform as soon as possible. Add your products and share the link on your Instagram. See how convenient and easy it is to earn with Gizmi chat-commerce!

How to gain followers on Instagram – generate “traffic” from other social media channels!

Probably Instagram is not the only social media platform where you have an account. If so, this is a very good thing to do. Simultaneous sharing of content on FB, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok or Snap generates more “traffic”. You can also encourage people to follow you on Instagram and gain new followers this way.

How to gain followers on Instagram – organize contests!

People love to participate in contests and win prizes. Use this fact to gain more followers on Instagram. How to organize such events to gain new followers on Insta? Make it a requirement to follow your profile. Everyone who does so and completes the task suggested by you has a chance to win a prize. You decide what it’s going to be – a voucher, individual training, or maybe a free diet plan for a whole month?

Free follows on Insta – connect with your community

The most important factor in gaining loyal followers on Insta is your personality and character. These can’t be seen without revealing a little bit about yourself. Try to answer questions under your posts honestly, publish Instastories, and engage in “fun” activities. This method is effective especially if you already have a certain group of followers. 

You already know how to gain followers on Instagram and you probably also realise that this is not an easy task. Is it worth the time and effort to build your brand on Instagram? Of course it is! Especially since monetizing your social media efforts is becoming easier and more convenient thanks to increasingly advanced solutions like Gizmi!

23 January 2022

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