Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about how Gizmi works. We have made our system simple and user-friendly, but if you have any more questions, please contact us.

Chat-commerce (or sometimes, conversational-commerce) is the practice of selling directly through apps such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Twitter. Chat-commerce, as a result, transforms a retail experience into an interaction rather than a one-way exchange of promotional messages.

According to the latest Aberdeen Research Report, „Maximize the ROI of Chat in Commerce”, 2021, chat-commerce generates a 75 percent year-over-year increase in annual revenue, a 45 percent increase in customer retention rate, a 27 percent reduction in service costs, and a 21-fold increase in return on marketing investments.

Gizmi as the chat-commerce platform lets you create your own store using the most common messaging apps.
Gizmi brings all your followers from multiple messaging apps together and transforms your content into a marketable commodity.
This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for monetizing your content instantly and conveniently.

It’s easy, just sign up in Gizmi. Signing up gets you access to your account where you add your products and services. You can build your own online store and sell more than one product or service if you want to. Add a description, photos, and pricing to each of your offers, and choose the payment form. Additionally, each of your offers will have an unique link that can be used to order directly in the messaging app window, including payment processing, after it has been released publicly to your customers. The proceeds from sales will go to your account at Stripe, the payment processor. You will be entitled to withdraw your entire sales earnings at any time to the bank account you specify.

Anyone who offers their products and services in digital form, such as text documents, graphic files, videos.

Virtually any activity that can digitize their product or service – be it a product or a voucher.

At Gizmi, we cannot sell physical products that require shipping to a specific address. However, you can sell a voucher for your product or a special discount at Gizmi. Your customer will then pay a set rate for the right to use the physical product, and you can negotiate shipping information outside Gizmi, for example, in the Facebook Messenger chat window, as many e-commerce stores do today.

We take your and Gizmi’s integrity seriously at Gizmi. Therefore, according to the Terms and Conditions, the following is prohibited at Gizmi: content that violates intellectual property rights; viruses, malware, spyware, and other malicious applications; encouraging, supporting, aiding or giving instructions or advice on a crime that violates a person’s right to privacy or rights to good name, prohibited by any applicable law, including court orders, restraining orders; content inciting or promoting racism, fanaticism, hatred or any kind of harm to any group or individuals; content that persecutes or supports the persecution of other people, or as part of violence or sexual abuse against people or containing content or references to content of a pornographic nature; spreading propaganda and/or symbols of unconstitutional or illegal organizations; threats, messages considered to be offensive, defamatory, vulgar, obscene or racist, ethnically or otherwise objectionable; unsolicited marketing material („spam”); chain letters or pyramid schemes. Any such content can be removed by Gizmi.

Today, marketing is all about getting as close to the prospect as possible. Customers would have to take a few steps to buy from you if you only post a link to your site on your Facebook page. At Gizmi, you share a direct link to your offer, and your customer can safely checkout in the messaging app, such as Facebook Messenger. This is a time saver for you and your customers. It also saves you money by eliminating the need for a dedicated e-commerce store.

Currently, you can use Gizmi to sell directly in Facebook Messenger. Soon we will add Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

After signing up with Gizmi, you will be asked to connect with your page on Facebook. You don’t need to know much about IT programming to add a fan page to Gizmi; all it takes is a few clicks.

Of course. All you need to do is add your product or service to Gizmi and share it as a dedicated link on your Facebook page.

No. At Gizmi, you get to decide what to say to your customers about your offer. In other words, all communication depends on you, not bots.

Gizmi templates are a great way to keep your customer up to speed with important details about a meeting they’ve already scheduled with you. Gizmi templates use the Facebook message tag, allowing messages to be sent outside of the 24-hour timeframe to the customer’s messaging app. It’s crucial to understand that Gizmi templates should only be used for the reason for which they were created. Using the templates for something other than giving your customer the relevant appointment information, which he or she has already agreed to, is a breach of Facebook’s Terms and Conditions, which could result in Facebook placing limitations on your page.

Scheduling is a great way to organize your daily digital communication. Even if you’re unavailable, you can send reminders or messages when it’s convenient for the customer.

Yes, you can send a scheduled message to multiple users at once by selecting the time and day it will be sent.

Yes, you can send files to customers through chat or in a scheduled message.

Stripe is a global payment processor. With Stripe, you can receive payments for your sales from your customers and withdraw money to your bank account.

Yes. Stripe is a payment processor that allows you to accept payments from your customers and withdraw funds from sales to any bank account.

How will my customers pay for my products and services?
Your customers will pay you directly in the chat window using Stripe, which accepts credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. The money from your sales will go straight to your Stripe account.

Yes. Following each order, your customer will receive a valid sales receipt in the chat window.

You will be able to handle refunds from your Stripe account.

When you sign up in Gizmi, you will create your Stripe account. Stripe will ask for your bank account number, which will be used to withdraw funds from your sales.

Of course. You can edit any product or service, change images, descriptions, and prices. Gizmi lets you decide.

No. None of our plans include a setup fee.

Yes. For transaction with your customers, we use the Stripe system which takes 1.4 percent of each transaction (2.9 percent for payments from outside Europe) plus PLN 1.

Yes. Our team will be happy to chat with you and assist you in setting up your Gizmi account and making your first sale.

After each completed transaction, the Stripe system will automatically move funds from the sale to the account you choose. You can edit Stripe’s payment options after you log in to Gizmi.

Depending on the plan you chose, you will be automatically charged each month. Charging does not start until the end of the 30-day free trial.

If you decide Gizmi is not for you, you can unsubscribe at any time without additional cancellation fees.

Gizmi allows you to sell products following a subscription-based model (for example, weekly videos, audio files, or written content). Stripe will charge your customers automatically. The money will be sent to your account after checkout.

No. Your promotional landing page is managed by Gizmi, which ensures that it works as intended. We pay for maintaining the server.

Stripe, one of the world’s safest payment processors, was chosen to manage your transactions. Your customer transactions are always secure, and you can rest easy about your payments, thanks to advanced algorithms for catching frauds, scams, and other violations. Furthermore, our servers do not save or process any details about your transactions with customers.

We charge a commission fee based on your selected subscription plan after every purchase of your product. Commission fees help us pay our expenses, including your store’s upkeep, and we can provide new tools to even further support your sales.

No. At Gizmi, we respect your and your customers’ privacy most and can’t read your messages or gain access to your personal account unless you give us express permission (for example, by screen sharing if you need technical support).

Your privacy is very important to us. Our Privacy Policy incorporates all of the guidelines for the processing of your personal data. Further to that, Gizmi is regularly updated to comply with social media’s stringent privacy policy.

All you need to do is email us at hello@gizmi.io. We regularly respond to all messages.

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