About us

We’re a passionate team with a will to make a change.

At Gizmi we believe that success means engaging your customers in long-term relationships.
Our mission is to provide new forms of personalized business-to-customer engagement in today’s digital era. Anytime. Anywhere. Clients today seek more than face-to-face sessions. They want to receive personalized content and guidance where they spend most of their time, in their digital apps. So, we decided to create GIZMI. So what are we all about? We provide tools to enable businesses to grow while preserving the personal touch. GIZMI’s easy-to-use platform, integrates directly with your Facebook business page so you can deliver more value directly to your customers’ messenger. It’s that easy.

One platform. One solution.
We found that many independent professionals have been battling inefficiency by having to manage many digital tools to manage their business. We solved that by creating one platform that helps you manage all of your business needs. Above all, every business wants to grow. GIZMI’s tools can also help you build & provide a subscription-based offering for your customers. Whether you provide a one-off service or a monthly subscription to content and messaging, this tool frees you of the tiresome monthly billing and offers an easy way to create recurring revenues.

Benefits & Features
  • Grow your business through subscription-based offerings.
  • Easily bill through Gizmi and allow us to handle payment.
  • Be available anytime, anywhere with our scheduling tools.
  • Expand your digital audience by offering added-value content.
  • Offer your services to any geography with no boundaries.