Enabling personalized client engagement. Anytime. Anywhere.
Living in today's “instant world” means being engaged with your customers at all times. We built Gizmi to help independent professionals deliver more value and extend their service through Facebook Messenger and SMS. Just connect your Facebook business page and you can easily save time, automate your routines, schedule messages, send auto reminders for sessions and much more.
what is gizmi?
See how it works
We built simple tools to help you boost business efficiency, and productivity. Save valuable time and resources, and above all deliver enhanced service directly to your client’s Messenger. Save time by using our pre-defined templates, scheduling and automated messaging tools.
Maximize your profit
Powerful all in one Tool To Grow Your Business, Boost Messaging and Collect Payments Without Hassle
Subscription Management
Launch your own service plan to deliver more to your clients and boost your business.
Messaging Automation
Save time by using pre-defined templates, scheduling and automated messaging tools.
Promote Your Service
Create simple landing page
Reach out to customers 24/7 with SMS.
Client Management
Organize and manage all client data and content in one location.
Collect payments
We collect payments and send automatic receipts directly to your client’s Messenger.
Success means engaging your customers in long-term relationships
With Gizmi your customers will feel that their needs are not only met, but also anticipated. The content and service they receive will be personalized, which will help you build stronger relationships and higher satisfaction which in return improves your bottom line.
Independent Professionals that run their Business on Gizmi
Personal Trainer
Jenn Ferr
Deana Pratt
Sarah Shane
Running Coach
Jon Tam
Sheilana Tran
Financial advisor
Leo Kolead
Lesley Chen
Tour Guide
Taro Norse
Ann Smith
Customer happiness
Your Win is Our Win
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You can easily cancel your account from your dashboard at any time.
24/7 Personal Support
Reach out to us with any questions or concerns. We’re here to help and support you and your business - every step of the way.