Turn your followers into paying customers

It takes only a few easy steps to start selling directly in most popular messaging apps.

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Sell directly in the chat window

Do you livestream on YouTube or post on Facebook or Instagram? Add a purchase link in your chat window anywhere your followers gather, and let them buy from you in their preferred messaging app.

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Create your own online store

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Sell to your loyal followers

Send custom deals to individual consumers or groups defined by you directly in the chat window. Create fast and easy message templates and set up personalized autoresponders.

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Who makes money with Gizmi?

Eva - Professional Coach

With Gizmi I individually sell resumes, resources on how to look for an employer, tips not available online. There isn't a topic that my clients don't ask about and that I don't sell with Gizmi.

Why Gizmi?

Chat-commerce is a modern way to monetize your fanbase.
Sell individual products or by using a subscription business model
Real-time direct customer interaction
Keep track of current sales figures
Greater customer engagement and retention rate
More sales, more time and money saved

Start earning money with Gizmi now!

Allow single or recurring payments, increase your sales conversion rate with a shorter and easier sales path in the chat window. Enjoy automated shipping and billing. Ensure the security of customer transactions with Stripe payments.

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